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Ardob GmbH offers technical solutions for the printing, paper, cardboard, film, laminating and converting industry.

Some mechanical components are produced in carbon fibre composite materials from companies world leaders in their specific fields.
In particular Carbon Fibre expanding shafts, through shafts, rolls and core plugs can provide the following benefits:
– Stiffer and stronger then traditional steel components, carbon fibres provides lower weight and higher critical speed.
– Less deflections and vibrations, of the carbon fibre mechanical components, allow higher working speeds increasing efficiency and productivity.

Carbon Fibres can also help to prevent back injuries and improve safety.
The easier handling, thanks to the reduced weight, is capable in several cases to facilitate the operators work, preventing also back injuries and increasing the productivity.

We are world leaders for mechanical components used to work web materials for the printing, paper, cardboard, film, laminating and converting industry.

In particular ARDOB GmbH can offers the following solutions

Mechanical Components:

– DF2000 Torque Activated Shaftless Core Chucks
– DF1000 Torque Activated Shaft Mounted Core Chucks
– UC 3000 Air Inflated Bladder Core Chucks
– DLB 2000 Carbon Fibre Expanding Core Shafts
– SR 2000 External Element (Strip Design) Core Shafts
– Carbon Fibre Rolls
– Composite Cores
– CP1000 Core Plugs
– CP2000 Ultra Lightweight Core Plugs for Tissue converting
– CPS500 Core Plugs in Steel and Synthetic materials

STOP STATIC, the BEST solution to eliminate static electricity

Machinery and Tools:

– Semi-automatic Core Cutters
– Manual Core Cutters
– Automatic Core Cutters

– Core and Roll Restorers

– Roll Movers – Roll Pusher

– Shafted Roll Stands

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StopStatic: how does it work?